The Duality of Being (Single Edition)

by Brutonomy

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alex miller Friggin awesome, great stuff guys, hoping I can make the show with Revulsed \..X../
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A snippet from our forthcoming EP.


released September 2, 2015

Line up
Dallas Bland – Guitar/Drum Programming/Vocals
Andrew Wallace -Vocals
Rory Farugia – Guitar
Rob Leggett - Bass

Layout by Dallas Bland



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Track Name: The Duality of Being
The Duality of Being

I create with one hand ,destroy with the other,
Piercing through Flesh , Bending your will...
with knives...BLEEDING
Such is life ,you decay ,No mercy, I detest......
Can i define you ,stripped back , contorted flesh,
the agony ensues, eyelids removed, as you watch
my hands mold, as your body folds
the pain i cause consumes me,
i watch your organs cease
your crys stop, your larynx is removed , Pity is for the WEAK
I see my blade, slice through your flesh
our liquids mix, we are now one BEING
A slave to my, Growth as i build
on broken hands as we fester still
into the earth, you will remain
for my lifes work, you are forever slain
the frailty of life, duality of being
Through Flesh and Bone, i will be whole
all matter is relative, your misery is fleeting
it consumes me, this bloodstained path
i will transcend, beyond this body